December 2018

*HAPPY NEW YEAR* 31st December 2018 *HAPPY NEW YEAR*

The video that shows the truth about the scam in question!

Someone fan of the ACS made this we believe but really it is quite accurate how Salvador Fernandez Gomez acts against people asking questions and the people who showed genuine interest in the development!

Enjoy this videos and wait for tomorrows reveal :D As it will be sort of a big read and you can be amazed how there is scum on this earth like Mr. Lopez!

*NEWS* 30th of December 2018

We are going to release one more SCAMMER/SCUM on this page, he is not unknown to us but you will be surprised when you see what this person is up to and have been up to!

*WOW* 30th of December 2018

This was a fast copyright strike from Phake5 :D

*Update* Saturday 29th of December 2018

00 20181229 TweetBULLSHITYet another tweet and CRYING about stuff where he is proven his boards are broken and sanded down to prove more flaws and problems with the board. there is nothing fake with the video and nothing that is against copyright laws! Just shows how YouTube is bots! There is no respect for the content creators and calling the truth FAKE makes you just look stupid Salvador Fernandez Gomez!

You will never win against the mighty ACS you unleashed!

Also how is the Price List fake again?!? Deliveries within 6~8 Weeks after confirmed Payments?!?

You are so FAKE! or rather right words used A SCAMMER Salvador Fernandez Gomez




*NEWS* Saturday 29th of December 2018

Our resident Idiot Salvador Fernandez Gomez has yet to reply to our claims and statements on this page, as we know he reads this for fact, LOGS do not LIE!

Anyways we looked at this last fortunecookiestyle stolen image he used.

All truth passes through tree stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident..

Also we found some more stuff! One of Salvador friends Roberto Rogel is one of these eBay whores and lives of buying cheap and then mark up item's just to be aware so you avoid his stuff! check out his fantasy prices! No wonder people believe everything old is gold! also selling faulty items for more than they are worth! Also selling them under false pretense. SHAME for ruining the community! And NO we are not jealous just baffled by the way you and your friends do business! No shame!

*FLASH* Friday 28th of December 2018

Another wall of tweet has surfaced with more LIES! and made up stories of convenient truths for Salvador Fernandez Gomez! Just have a look here! We made the tweets read easy as we have a hard time to fallow the walls he makes! Twitter is not FACEBOOK!

00 20161226 tweetwall

Dear Enemies, you can invent 1.000 x times FALSE DEFAMATION STORIES WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AND PROOF about phase 5 with your ALWAYS CRIMINAL INTENTION to cause financial and personal damage... We will DEBUNK, REFUTE AND SHOW 1.000 x times -EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE- !! #COMMODORE #AMIGA our good right of defense, your long list of despicable, repugnant, low life, public crimes against phase 5 digital products WITH CRISTAL CLEAR HARD EVIDENCE AND PROOF and NOW also with the respectful help of Police, Prosecutors, Courts, Judges and Lawyers to restore.. restore the goal and target of your nonstop day and night criminal attacks, that is our financial health, our personal health, as well as our companies and personal reputation


  • 1. The -SCREENSHOT- of a pricelist spread around is a NON OFFICIAL pricelist made out of a PowerPoint presentation of the Amiga Wave team. THEY CREATED THEIRSELVES without asking or knowing us that they would produce such a presentation to redact their live stream on 10.09.2017.
  • 2. This NON OFFICIAL pricelist spread around was created by the Amiga Wave Team and they send us this PowerPoint presentation over facebook -AFTER- the Amiga Wave live stream was aired and sent out to the World 5 days later on 15.09.2017. From this Video people took SCREENSHOTS !
  • 3. phase 5 digital products did never release any Price List in public, other than ONLY the prices in facebook that were clearly indicating articles are at moment not in stock and not for sale. What ever others in particular our enemies say is nothing else than an INVENTED CRIME.
  • 4. The Video can be seen here … and there you notice and see immediately that the Amiga Wave team have used also random public pictures of phase 5 hardware products to redact THEIR YOUTUBE COMMODORE AMIGA NEWS CHANNEL PROGRAM. Nothing wrong, but not phase 5!
  • 5. Our enemies and they are many acting in a conspiracy to committ crimes, want to make believe the public, specially our customer base, that this SCREENSHOT out of the Amiga Wave Channel and their own presentation, is OUR OFFICIAL PUBLIC RELEASED PRICELIST AND PRE-ORDER PROGRAM.
  • 6. An official and public PRICELIST and/or PRE-ORDER PROGRAM and/or PRE-PAYMENT PROGRAM or whatsoever has never been released by phase 5 digital products in any form to the public. Otherwise you would find this release on our webpage with all the information to its procedure.
  • 7. Any other construct of serious defamation crimes against phase 5 digital products is not only the result of envious people, but people who are interested to sell their own Amiga hardware and want to see us asap DEAD as we are a threat for them. Always money related attacks !!!
  • 8. FAKE FACEBOOK PROFILE ACCOUNTS like dead "Jimmy Hoffa" were set up by a known swedish guy. He was the only one to disclose a screenshot of a fake request months later with his real facebook account(stupid). We just tried to get his e-mail and answered the GHOST of Jimmy Hoffa.

 You can click on image to read the tweets your self!

ACS will give you a reply to these tweets here!

You have the right to defend your self, but you are a scammer, and a fraudster and your word is not good enough! Calling us various things sure, but shows what type of person you are and we are right! We will continue to report and do what we see fit with you, as you are nothing but a low life and scum Salvador Fernandez Gomez. The police will arrest you soon for harassment you know this right? Your financial loos is that you do not get to scam people as you have 0 Product 0 IP 0 anything just a few boards form Digikey and fake labels and old stock parts. Lets go to your points list and respond to it.

1. No habla stupido, you word is not worth it, and screen shot can be manipulated, WE KNOW!
2. Always easy to blame others for your own fault?
3. So there was a list? And you said you did not have stock and toke pre orders, GOOD honesty! Also you have said you will produce for years now soon is not yearts idiot!
4. Video Schmideo who the fuck cares it's a 4.5hour long video and in Spanish which is minority language!
5. Conspiracy is that you are laying to people and the public and saying things that are untrue, you have 0 production and will produce 0 and fantasy prices of accelerators with old tech is not worth it today as there is other more modern ways and faster than your old stuff!
6. Blah blah you admitted to it and you have had lists circulation and so on and accepted IBAN payments to your personal ACCOUNT Salvador Fernandez Gomez!
7. People do not believe your word as it is not worth much as all your lies and slander shine through. if you had PRODUCT and had BUSINESS and had a good REPUTATION and not as a failure and SCAMMER you think we would need to report on your behavior Salvador Fernandez Gomez? You do not own IP you do not have Product and no investors for a small market hardware exists. You are in the MUD and stay there and STFU!
8. Jimmy Hoffa toke you well long enough before you realized what was going on and it was quite funny it toke you so long. But we guess you where busy counting millions/billions in euro for the product you do not have. aka. Vaporware that does not exist, no phone no real office no nothing. All a castle in the sky made out of AIR! You wanted a sale there and thought Jimmy Hoffa was a real customer, do not try to lie!

Happy New Years Salvador Fernadez Gomez! Show us some proof with substance and that you are not a scammer we might start to believe your muddied words! OHH! Please explain this picture with the mail and pricelist further how they coincide with each other :O Ohh did you just get busted in for LAYING and where your shit DEBUNKED?!? Common SCAMMER let us here you REFUTING this evidence! Your word is not worth it! as this is your own words! We left out the source intentionally as they where afraid of harassment and potential repercussions! But we can back it up as this proves you are a LIAR and the Spanish YouTubers got the lists/info from YOU!

00 20181228 CaughtLIES//Madicken på Junibacken!


*NEWS* Friday 28th of December 2018

We received this in the mail and yet again Salvador Fernandez Gomez has won a Award! Not unlike the one we handed him! Which makes it total 2 individual awards Phase5 and the Fake CEO have received this year!

00 20181228winner2Click image to enlarge!

*NEWS* Thursday 27th of December 2018

2~3 days after Christmas this deranged so called CEO of Phase5 finally where able to get his medication and get down to earth after a turbulent Christmas!

Better late than never right?
00 20181227xmastweetAll i read is bullshit supporters? Stefan Egger and Roberto Rogel the 2 ass clowns of the Amiga Scene none likes or respects? Common Salvador you have no friends!

*NEWS* Wednesday 26th of December 2018

The dunce is back he just tweeted this shit! Common 12 tweets saying nothing but i am a fuckwit and need to show my powers as a bellend!

00 20161226 tweetwall

  • 1:40 PM - 26 Dec 2018
  • YouTube is sick of NONSTOP crimes against phase 5 and have shut down the public channel on 22.12.2018 after this guy was under the influence of alcohol drinking live to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to discredit phase5 !!! #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Before this shut down took place, several INVENTED FAKE Videos against phase 5 that had severe copyright infringements of our hardware Products, have been removed, but this guy continued not to comply YouTube rules and international Brand and IP rights. #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • These are the public known videos that have been removed for serious phase 5 copyright infringement, after they asked us for more information before they deleted those disgusting videos. They verified our information without bots, unlike this guy claimed.#COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Public known and spread video to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to defame, discredit, harrass, insult and stalk phase5 to cause as much damage as possible: … #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Public known and spread video to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to defame, discredit, harrass, insult and stalk phase5 to cause as much damage as possible: … #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Public known and spread video to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to defame, discredit, harrass, insult and stalk phase5 to cause as much damage as possible: … #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Public known and spread video to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to defame, discredit, harrass, insult and stalk phase5 to cause as much damage as possible: … #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Public known and spread video to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to defame, discredit, harrass, insult and stalk phase5 to cause as much damage as possible: … #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Public known and spread video to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to defame, discredit, harrass, insult and stalk phase5 to cause as much damage as possible: … #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • Public known and spread video to INVENT CRIMINAL FAKE STORIES IN PUBLIC to defame, discredit, harrass, insult and stalk phase5 to cause as much damage as possible: … #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • After all the INVENTED AND MADE UP FAKE Videos in public against phase 5 have been deleted this guy started to attack us nonstop here on Twitter and other web pages too, committing the suspected crime of EXTORTION that we shall take back copyright strikes.#COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME
  • These public attacks of suspected crimes to damage our Brand, IP and personal rights with lots of public data, as furthermore multiple civil and penal rights infringed for causing serious damages, are subject of new reports to the Police and Prosecutors. #COMMODORE #AMIGA #CRIME



Does this look like something a serious company and CEO would deal with? As we proven on this site over and over again is by scepticism you can poke a hole in his good word and expose him for the scammer he is. Winner of the 2018 Amiga Scammer Award he received yesterday! I know we make fun of him on this site, but seriously it is FUN as this derange person thinks he is going to make millions on +20 year old revival of hardware. There are so many other good options than Phase5 for hardware, Vampire, iComp and then hobby projects that are more modern and better than the old designs Salvador has with with just no improvements beside renaming the cards MK V etc. using old Sim Technology. Then making a board with SCSI again? SATA is what people want and not obsolet SCIS stuff that is expensive! People want affordable stuff and not to fantasy scammer prices from obvious scammers.

*With permissions we got to share this from Chucky The Gang"



The following material has been removed from your account in response to the DMCA takedown notice copied at the bottom of this email:

Image uploaded with Tweet: - @phase5digitalpr photos that are buzzed.. well... cute..

Blizzard 1260 PCB! soon schematics released in public!! lov you all!

If you believe the material has been removed as a result of mistake or misidentification, you may send us a counter-notification of your objection pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 512(g)(3).

Please include the following in your counter-notification:

Your full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and Twitter user name.

Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the material appeared before it was removed or access to it was disabled.

The following statement: “I swear under penalty of perjury that I have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.”

A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the judicial district in which your address is located, or if your address is outside of the United States, the Northern District of California, and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided notice under 17 U.S.C. 512 (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.

Your physical or electronic signature

Please send your counter-notification to us as a response to this message, or as a new email to

We will forward a copy of your counter-notification, including the information required in item 1 above, to the complainant and Chilling Effects. BY SENDING US A COUNTER-NOTIFICATION, YOU CONSENT TO THIS DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Please note that repeat violations of this policy may result in suspension of your account. In order to avoid this, do not post additional material in violation of our Copyright Policy and immediately remove any material from your account for which you are not authorized to post.


DMCA Takedown Notice

== Copyright owner: phase 5 digital products UG
== Name: Salvador Fernandez Gomez
== Company: phase 5 digital products UG
== Job title: Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter und Eigentümer der Firma. CEO and owner.
== Email address:
== Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49
== City: Frankfurt am Main
== State/Province: Deutschland
== Postal code: 60308
== Country: Deutschland
== Phone (optional): 069509565530
== Fax (optional): n/a


== Description of original work: phase 5 digital products - Blizzard 1260 Accelerator Turbo Board PCB DESIGN - Actual Accelerator Product for customers of phase 5 digital products

== Links to original work:


== Reported Tweet URL:


This guy is running a huge defamation campaign to cause us Millions of losses on his own webpages and continues with several private accounts we already blocked on twitter, but he continues to create new and new e-mail addresses to create again and again illegal twitter fake accounts and then attack our phase 5 twitter account in public.

His webpage is www_hertell_nu and www_amigacrimescene_com is where you can find all disgusting data against phase 5 and Salvador Fernandez Gomez in public.

There are several Police reports made against this guy and his suspected accomplices in several European Countries and the Police is investigating these cases.

If you don't delete his account, this guy is going to post more illegal and hacked material about our company with the goal to destroy our company by all means. This means including infringement of penal and civil law as long as the company goes into insolvency, like it happened with the old company where 22 people lost their employment because of such public constant attacks. The actual CEO of the new company was one of the affected persons with several months unpaid salary and losing his employment. Evidence about this, can be sent to you at any time.

Thank you


== 512(f) Acknowledgment: Ich verstehe, dass ich gemäß 17 U.S.C. § 512 (f) für Schäden haftbar gemacht werden kann, einschließlich Kosten und Anwaltsgebühren, wenn ich wissentlich falsch angebe, dass das gemeldete Material oder Aktivitäten Urheberrechte verletzen.

== Good Faith Belief: Ich versichere, dass meines Wissens nach die umstrittene Verwendung des Materials nicht vom Inhaber des Urheberrechts oder dessen Agenten oder gesetzlich genehmigt wurde.

== Authority to Act: Die Informationen in dieser Mitteilung sind korrekt, und ich versichere an Eides statt, dass ich berechtigt bin, im Namen des Urheberrechtsinhabers zu handeln.

== Signature: Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103


As this is the way he does business and goes around and takes screenshots/video that Chucky owns the copyright to and even the design that is not 100% copy claiming it is stolen from him and Phase5 where he owns no IP and can not prove it either as it's all stolen data! Also the for mentioned sites and this site has no further affiliation with Chucky as a person or anything other than we PM:ed him anonymously on occasion and had short chats with this marvelous guy that done so much for the Amiga scene and shared our thought and experience with Salvador Fernando Gomez. Thanks for sharing this piece with us and showing what sort of person Salvador Fernando Gomez is really! Spiteful spoiled little cunt son of a bitch! Pure twattery and nothing else! So please refrain from lying to the public and stick to the truth Salvador if you can?

//ACS Pippi Långstrump

*NEWS* Tuesday 25th of December 2018 *3rd update

We where proud to deliver and and hand out some awards last nights to the resident scammers of the and subdomains, The Amiga Crime Scene one and only contester and scammer, Salvador Fernando Gomez, He won the Purple Award uncontested for being persistent and constant in his laying. We motivated the price with his preferences of sticking up stuff his butt and pulling things out from there.

00 201781225 Winner

As he received the Award he was surprised and chocked he even won as he could not believe it he was truly EXPOSED as the scammer he is of the Amiga Scene. He would like thank all the Members of the ACS and then Chucky from the Gang especially for the initial exposure of the scam! Happy New Year to all and see you in the court rooms 2019!

--Salvador Fernando Gomez winner of scam award 2018

*FLASH* Tuesday 25th of December 2018 *2nd update*

With our team of people, we have managed to salvage and get hold of old screenshots and a recent screenshot from twitter, where Salva does claim innocence and that he never has accepted pre-payment! We can present these screenshots that are irrefutable and shows you how this SCAMMER Salvador Fernando Gomez works! Maybe you should try working with the community instead against it? Yes the Price list is reduced in size to fit the screenshots! Only thing manipulated is the Size rest is 100% real!
Phase5 CEO Caught Laying

Click image to enlarge!

This proves further that Salvador is a LIAR and SCAMMER! So if a policeman see this ask Salvador Fernando Gomez about his company VAT, and GDPR policies and well just slap the cuffs on and drive him to the looneybin!

Tuesday 25th of December 2018

Well our resident goofball is having real mental ISSUES! Salvador Fernando Gomez the CEO of the scam company Phase 5 is claiming he has not tried to sell vaporware at all and is CRYING to public on Twitter and making him self the laughing stock of the Commodore Amiga Community. Going after Chucky more and some other Swedish figure it seams, if we are getting his crazy rants right in the latest WALL of TWEETS!

Here enjoy and he found a Swedish site he likes to pull public information from :D Nothing special and nothing to hide! Now show some proof, your word is not worth anything Salvador Fernando Gomez as you are clearly mentally ill!

00 20181224 SalvaX Masclick on the image to enlarge the picture so you can read the tweets.

Thanks for being so awesome and working with the accelerator boards even on Christmas! We hope to see these out soon! Or are you mad registering free domains and such for your scampaign? Did you report to the police your self for being a criminal? Also are you aware of what you are doing is a crime? Running a fake company not paying taxes and giving out invoices and not complying to laws and regulations and official requests? I hope you understand you will be slapped with fines and ruined in the end like your other businesses and no one will deal with you. Crying wolf does not work have you noticed? We will continue to expose scammers like you Salvador Fernando Gomez!

//ACS Tomten

Monday 24th of December 2018

Beautiful day and weather outside is nice crisp and cold! Sitting inside here with a cup of coco and thinking about life and how it is good and my family and friends all seam to be fine. I decided to look and see how the world was doing and i felt a bit sad reading the Twitter feed from Salvador Fernando Gomez on his @phase5digitalpr on Twittter.

You can clearly see his mental health deteriorate and everything in his SCAM is exposed and he is crying and trying desperately showing up new rendering of old schematics, crying about how unfair he is treated and people do not like him or Phase 5, cause of that we are punished and wont get and B1230 Mk V cards now with slow SIM technology and such, as there exists no other options for new produced hardware? iComp ACA series is just not real and faster, and if not equally compatible as the blizzard with the Amiga?. Also the crying and tears makes us validated and feel proud as we expose him! This tweet below gives great satisfaction to read, and also USED (OLD Phase 5 that exists) may have gone up in value, but that is a €450 is not reality as it's not sold or any bids! Please see a doctor!

00 20181224 saltysalva

These type of twitters we have to live with cause, he is never done anything wrong! Not taken cash, not sold fault boards, not done a single thing to prove he has anything physically new produced, all just vaporware! Any ways Merry Christmas!

00 20181224 saltysalva2

Saturday 22nd of December 2018

As our resident buddy and scammer Fernando Salvador Gomez has once again hit a low watermark and gone after 'Chucky the Gang' for Copyright Infringement for reviewing his Blizzard BPPC 1260 with broken layers on the boards. As It's clearly a scam and people who followed the drama och Facebook and various media outlets on the internet knows this.

Less than 7 Hours after this was uploaded it got hit by the YouTube bots, after Salvador Fernando Gomez made a false claim to YouTube about copyright!

00 20181222 YTCI

As John 'Chucky' Is clearly doing Reviews of and exposing clearly whats wrong with the products, Salvador Fernando Gomez (CEO of Phase 5, that does not own the intellectual property he claims he does. as the thief he is!) Is trying to rip people off. In the video Salvador is mentioned so is Phase5 and Phake5 etc and talk about him being a scam. well lets say, judge for your self where is the Copyright Infringement? Previous videos shows the same thing, in refutable evidence of something that is wrong with the boards, no Copyright Laws are broken at all!

See how pitiful and spiteful this Salvador Fernando Gomez is, hope people realize this is a scammer and understand what he is up to!

/ACS 2018 going strong!

Friday 21st of December 2018

Salvador Fernando Gomez you never learn do you? YouTube take downs how serious are you they will be up again the video's. We will mirror and host them on ACS here with some other goodies for people like the Blizzard 1260 and the videos sanding and exposing your scam :D also the FAIL take downs are here Phail5.

Do not forget to visit the real Phase 5 at this domain: have fun and stay safe kids :D

/friendly ACS dudes!

Thursday 20th of December 2018

We are closing Christmas and we thought this time of year would be slow and nice and not much to report about. But our Resident Scammer Salvador Fernando Gomez is at his best. Tweeting stuff out from his ass, look at this GEM he tweets, we just had to screenshot and then reply as, we know he would block us on twitter and we really cant be arsed to make more twitter accounts and stuff and people are busy being nice and spend time with family. But at Phase 5 work is ongoing hard we bet!

00 20181220 twatery

Just look at the here the comment message!

"Huge falsification scandal from the "serious" Spiegel Magazine. However it is not related to phase 5, but this tremendous scandal reminds us exactly of the so "serious" Amiga community discrediting phase 5 with falsified stories while receiving applauses..."

How you are debunked and proven to be a idiot Salvador Fernando Gomez with your Phake 5 company, how the truth is.
1. Serious magazine fakes news, gets caught and a scandal of made up stories unravels.
2. Sure as hell is not related to Phase 5 in anyway, you are right here.
3. Story reminds you of what? How you been exposed as a scammer and think you been mistreated due to all the facts against you?
4. No applause here just thanks and people are happy they been warned about your scam!

You know what, lets look it from the other side, you are sort of like the Der Spiefel!
1. Fake news and lies about dates, production and stuff and invent stories about how people do you wrong without proof.
2. You should see the journalist pretty much your self Salvador, as you are a 1 man show! Filled with lies and telltale lies of borderline psychotic behavior and you need meds!
3. How you been stooped from scamming the Amiga Community and proven you are a liar, slanderer and scammer?
4. Pat your self on the back for a good job done, even thou you have succeeded nothing.

Here you can read the story of the Journalist in a language more commonly used!

Pretty much what you can read here about the CEO Salvador Fernando Gomez and his lies scams and exposure and how he is debunked 100% of the time and yes we just need words cause ours is good and reliable!

Monday 17th of December 2018

We got wind of this PRECIOUS piece of Salvador stating things untrue again and desperate attempt to sound more important than he is while he is playing with the buttplug fidget spinner he wears. This is going to be fun to see what he is going to do, as he has 0 proof and all claims and flames against him is 100% true (Well tbh, 99.9% as we do not know and are sure about his sexual preferences.)

00 20181214NEWS

Reading through the LEGAL CRAP! we can not but laugh at the false stements and fantasies of this MAD MAN and how he thinks the world works. Lets state some facts here.

1. Salvador has received payments to his personal bank account from various people to buy Phase 5 products, people have asked for refunds and some has gotten it and some do not.
2. There are no full products made, he has bought few bits and bobs from e-Bay and Amibay to slap homemade Phase5 stickers on and make it seam production is happening when there is none in fact. Also lets not forget the Blizzard PPC Broken boards, where it was proven they where faulty! Against Salvador's claims and false statements and barrages of insults and smear campaign on his Facebook page against Chucky aka. John Hertell the man behind several replacement boards and upgrades for old fault boards, cause he exposed the scam that blew up up in Salvador's Face!
3. Salvador does not officially own the IP for Phase 5.
4. Phase 5 is a 1 man company.
5. Buying domains and putting up news and saying things take time when you have put your price lists and had delivery dates ready for products stating November 2018 what happened? Blame the Amiga Crime Scene again cause you have no product?
6. For a fun fact stealing stock photos and using them on your page, not paying for them is not okay as it is stealing. Stripping the properties and such does not make it legal.

Instead of smearing and talking out of you ass please show proof, that all people asked for. Your word is not worth anything Salvador! We will not stop and we will contiunue to debunk and expose and ridicule you until you proven the Amiga Scene otherwise!


 //Karlsson på taket!

00 feliznavidadsalvador


Saturday 1st of December 2018

Salvador has been found doing some really shady deals and promises and not delivered, lately he has been throwing around promises and claims on his web-page and twitter and even YouTube which he has moderated and censored. As he has been going personally after Chucky from The Gang for reverse engineering  old Commodore Amiga board for the public to be able to repair and restore old dead computers.

Latest in his campaign of miss deeds against the public and scamming he has tried to have for example Chucky banned and reported him falsely for various reasons on sites like YouTube and Facebook and such! Pre-sold boards and after 22 months had to repay the customers as nothing materialized to them and we are talking about no small sums either €1500 for 1 BOARD!

We guess poking the bear leads to this: Read more HERE! Christmas come early already on 1st of December sort of :D

011218jhupdateAlso here is a mirror of the zip file for the sprint document: DOWNLOAD!

Enjoy and thanks to the Amiga Crime Scene and public for making such a great community!