November 2018

Monday 26th November 2018 UPDATE

We start off the day with a good cup of Coffee, as we look in to the news feed and check up on Salvador's usual shenanigans we found this old gem we want you to look at and REMEMBER! September 2016 this was published and you removed this video? We never forget or will forget your crimes against the community we got 15.3Tb compared to your possible  5Gb you claim you have on US! How is the laws about copyright and IP's in Germany?

Phase 5 Scammer old original video he deleted.

Salvador's old Video he deleted from September 2016

Click on image to see full Video on external link!

Also we found this rather cryptic and well nice worded phrases from Salvador at his YouTube page!

Phase 5 Scammer crying in public YouTube channel about hate!


Lets break this post down:

QQ booh fucking hoo!

0 Crimes committed, only you who is scamming! If the truth hurts then QUIT!

You claimed lost billions cause the crimes against you, yet you say Amiga community has a hand full users?!?

What work you got it all served when you stole the IP's from DCE, and then you claim you done work changing the files and fucking them up and breaking the GND layer?

Taking a few pictures and trying to fake it like it's  a legit company when it's not takes energy and being a hater and reporting people and having a honest dialogue and try to make something out a the product you just sit there and try to play important.

Defending a castle in the sky is lots of works especially when it crumbles like a cookie near the cookie monster and fairies and what not. You have no real product and you will never release anything you had over +2 years and still this old rehash of old crap and adds and renderings from cad software and pretty pictures.

FUCK OFF! also having a FANTASY price list! COMMON 0 product no nothing all you got is stolen data and claim you are we, and if your getting ill it's due to the fact you must suffer from schizophrenic paranoid delusions! If you are truly ill you have our condolences and we will make sure people know this and maybe you should get back on medication asap.

Before any product that is shown working like a real prototype made in the last 20+ Years of a Blizzard product and showing it working you have no leg to stand on!

Also this lately higher road wording and religious crap you been citing ROFLMA! there is 0 Envy/Hate/Jealousy/ whatever mortal sins there are. Fact is your a Thief/Scammer that must be stopped! Get back at cracking out a working PRODUCT NOW!

Stefan Egger and Roberto Rogel are still shilling and acting like Cretins and will have their day of JUDGEMENT come to like you are going to see the AWAKENING and the RECKONING Salvador Fernando Gomez one of these days! (Could not resist some fancy words thou we are atheists mostly in ACS!)

Damn we are turning in to Salvador with a wall of text! Remember those on Facebook when he was not banned from there?

Sunday 25th November 2018 UPDATE

Salvador idiot is still working on his scam, you can see the PHAKE5 TWITTER opps well Phase5 he is spewing his lies on and he made this AWESOME PREVIEW for the coming board! Same shit as before but recorded from a screen when it renders and music from his previous video, no reason to break the budget or waste time on quality.


 Look at this awesome quality and production build and well NOTHING really! yet another rendering :/

Remember this COMING SOON Video posted more than 2 years ago with the Blizzard PPC MK2? Soon right he removed it for some reason unknown. This is pure comedy gold the Phake5 farce. No one in their right mind would buy anything from Salvador Fernando Gomez the biggest scammer and cretin in the AMIGA scene!

1 Month for X-Mas and we bet Salvador will have a BAD X-Mas :D