Phase aka. Phake 5

00 Salvaboy The Phase 5 company is owned and handled by: Salvador Fernandez Gomez which is a con artist! Using stolen data to make renderings, taking payment for products and goods that is never delivered, only 1 rare case delivered 2 blank PPC boards that was a bank transfer to the company supposedly and received without a invoice no VAT or anything else, payment straight to the pocket of the CEO, They have accepted repair jobs that never been fixed, so stealing cards is added to list of crimes he committed!

 A face a mother would trust right? On his Facebook page he likes to pose with a Duckface for some reason and make it look like he lives a lavish life style.

 He has a way of saying that people should trust his good word on the Phase 5 Digital Productions Facebook group, everyone else is a liar according to him. He is falsely accusing people of crimes and slandering them, just for asking questions that are valid, or for doing work for the community for free or beer, while he as a company has all the rights and got license from Commodore (Bankrupted in 1993 and insolvent) to make expansion boards exclusively. He likes to says WE a lot, only thou there is only one person in the company registered. Claiming people are out to damage the good reputation of Phase 5, all this is orchestrated by the Amiga Crime Scene as he calls it, out to destroy Phase 5 24/7. Well that reputation is history since, this Con artist has soiled the name Phase 5. Which he has STOLEN BTW.

 Only thing produced since the company was started in late 2015 is some renderings and video's and a batch of Blizzard PPC boards which are faulty. Only customer who has received anything from the company has experienced they where lacking ground, later turned out after a long heated arguments and tons of slandering on Facebook and media without evidence from Phase 5 more than distorted renderings with tons of blur as proof, claiming that the boards has ground plane, customer manipulated and broke boards etc. But later there was a ground plane found as the boards where sanded down, layer by layer there was a ground plane found but it was connected NO WHERE!

 Phase 5 has been asked over and over again to prove any form of production or quantities of parts or any form proof, but any one who has asked has been meet with a BAN, and added to the list of Criminals against Phase 5. Well yes that is why we got now among some Facebook groups to provide people with the true Crimes from Salvador Fernandez Gomez against the whole Amiga Community. As he has cited various public forums besides Facebook to be involved in the crimes, and his 14 Gb of evidence for the judges prosecutors and blah blah!

This is examples of his rants, just cause people been growing tired and taking the piss out of Phake 5 and made funny pictures of Phase 5 fake company, which is apparently a serious crime according to them (Him we mean) !









 He even goes as far to slander the Hosting Company which provided the service for the server hosting these images and video is found at, even thou they have nothing to do with what is Hosted at the server as it belongs to a Anonymous customer! click on the images to enlarge and read them. Might be hard with all the CAPS rage he has, but you get the gist of it all.

 Also as a cherry on the cake Phase 5 has been saying they are producing soundboards/cards for the A1200. But here is the problem Phase 5 do not own the IP of the sound card. So he stolen the Gerber files from somewhere and we have traced it back to DCE which bought Phase 5 after they went bankrupt. DCE manufactures boards and such for other developers as well and this is most likely where Salvador Fernandez Gomez stolen the 3D prints of the sound card. He knows this is true and now he is going to try to hide this as he is yet once proved to stolen IP from someone without backing up who is the owner. We know cause we been in contact with the IP owner! Your word is not good enough anymore! FACTS ad TRUTH are harsh mister Phake 5!

Also to prove some public records are here to look at, turns out his registration for Phase 5 as a trade mark was DENIED, says that APPLICATION REFUSED! he did it twice as well, but do not worry i can always claim i got the right as people trust my good word right? 

1st attempt to register trademark.
2nd attempt to register trademark, and yet another failure.

 This means Salvador does not have the rights for the name Phase 5 and cant legally claim he is the owner of the name Phase 5 and claim infringements etc. So he should just sock it!

 We where sent this gem from a anonymous person through mail today, we seen this previously, this is from one of his previous attempts to scam and create a fake company, and this is a advert featuring Salvador making a serious Mafia/Criminal advert with him holding a big GUN!: Digibet TV Hauptspot - FWD Fernsehwerbung Deutschland GmbH

Look at how cool Coffeeboy Salvador is with his toy GUN! Also we got this saved and can put it up if the video is removed.

 Among other he has slandered several Blogs, Magazines etc for Fake News and such. More to come as text will be updated. Last update: 17th August 2018