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*NEWS* Monday 22nd April 2019 *UPDATE?*

00 2019 04 23

How a Scammer like Scammador even gets his failed/scam business to be compared to Donald Trump we kinda wonder, But least he admitted in the Tweet it's Private Company and we can only see it's as it has no employs or anything, it's a one man shit show ran by Scammador.

The Witch hunt criminals he talked about is legit questions against him about the legitimacy of his fake company in question. It's been proven over and again Scammador has Falsely claimed things, and never ever shown a ounce of proof against questions nor allegations, Block block remove block, -I do not remember!

We are still waiting for the answer to the BET he made about the GND layer on BPP2 boards. We accepted it on terms that are fair and public!

If Salvador Fernandez Gomez would have been a legit business owner he would have had all his affairs in order and not a €300 turn around for his companies the last 2 years.

You are a CLOWN Salvador Fernandez Gomez! Stop scamming! Leave the Amiga scene and do not come back! NO PRODUCTS = NO BUSINESS! Since Oktober 2015 and several self imposed deadlines for products. Accepting payment is fine and boards for repair that disappeared! Crying Wolf!


*NEWS* Monday 22nd April 2019 *UPDATE?*

Where in the world is Scamador? Did Salvador Fernandez Gomez go back on his medication? Been over 24 hours and 0 shit posts? Did his family finally commit him back to the bin cause they got tired of his raving about criminal and counterfeiters etc? Maybe he is busy making incoherent MEME's ?

Well we are certain he will be back and people will laugh at him :D

//Pigan Lina som va kåt på¨Alfred

*NEWS* Sunday 21st April 2019 *TWITTER UPDATE*

As Salvador after visiting our site he realized he had block everyone even the public so no one could see his hatred and lies on twitter! So people rejoice he is BACK!

00 2019 04 21 easterTweet

After reading this Twitter we can understand clearly why Phase 5 went tits up if it toke 22 million Dmark that was used back then, Developing this board is way to costly for that time unless we talk, Scamador  thinking in pesos perhaps? Then we get a bit more realistic.

But still no proof no nothing just another PROTOTYPE stolen by Scamador from Phase5's insolvency. Then he has 0 of being a part in the process, as he worked in Marketing and no wonder they failed *tihiii*

When are you going to get capital to be able to send some of those stolen Gerber files and have them checked before hand so you can start PRODUCING some counterfeits on your fake compony with stoilen IP and CE such things you know?

Also will you make a video proving there isa GND layer on those 2 year old boards ever LOL? did you realize you where in the wrong and there for went on a Twitter Storm?

/Farbror Melker

*NEWS* Sunday 21st April 2019 *TWITTER*

We got word Salvador got tired of getting debunked called out for fraud and general criminal behaviour against the Amiga Community! As he only could slander copyright strike falsely and fraudulent etc, Now people cant read his GARBAGE posts on Twitter unless they are followers of him and confirmed to read them. tops 80 people, so grats on alienating most people in the world, now we do not need to read you shit posts :D Thanks! And please come again once you got some PRODUCTION!

00 2019 04 21
Haha we can not stop laughing at this! Thanks everyone and we hope Scamador will stay away from the Amiga Scene or we will have to report again on his heinous crimes and behaviour!


*NEWS* Saturday 20th April 2019 *TWEETS UPDATE2*

We are not getting much rest this Easter from Scamador, Just look at these 5 Tweet's and you will feel sorry for him, Well not really as he has shit him self probably and gone of medication cause of all the Tweets and taking most our true words about Salvador Fernandez Gomez! Twisting them around and accusing the free people of the Amiga Community for alleged crimes and other things which are untrue!

We will go through these Tweets found Phase 5 Twitter. If you are blocked use incognito mode (Chrome ctrl+shift+n): https://twitter.com/phase5digitalpr

00 2019 04 20tweetWALLIf this is a hoax why didn't you just do a video showing this thing wrong? Then it all would be history. now approximately 2 years later, you STILL haven't shown a video proving it wrong. approximately 2 years of ordering new PCBs. You have NO PRODUCTION!

Cause Donald Trump cares about Amiga? Cause he is a 2 faced cunt and idiot majority of the free world thinks? Stop deluding your self?

Open source is the devil and you will end up in the looney bin for twattery to much?

Also as a hobby enthusiast you have rights and some obligations, but this is no applied to open source hobby electronics etc. No one cares accept Scamador Fernandez Gomez

Also Meme makes 0 sense

As a electronics producer and company you have certain obligations you do not have a private person. All these points about CE etc we have asked you about and 0 proof has been shown...

Since form the horses mouth this Tweet as it's all he done and crimes! and such + slander.

To begin you say the mail was CONFIDENTIAL, You sent this mail to them. and as a reply so there is no Confidential agreement or NDA deal in place. So you claims are in vallid to the mail you sent them! As it's on twitter and some people do not do twitter want to read it we got the transcript of it and posted it down below here to show the world how 2 faced you are.

All with the consent of our solicitor saying it's okay. As you admittedly have sent it, and not contested it's validity in any way or form.

Alls interesting you wanted to release one of DBK's Viper accelerators and how you share some things..

So please people read and laugh at Salvador Fernando Gomez try to extortion as we see to take over business. Like the Maffia sort of? Whats it called .. EXTORTION? Mail is 2 years old and thing have happened.

--------------------[START OF MAIL]--------------------

From: phase 5 digital products UG <info@p-5.eu>
Date: Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 5:48 PM
Subject: Amiga Community...
To: <xxxxx@xxxxx.com>

Hello Sxxxxxn,

i noticed on Facebook that you leaved your project with the accelerators for the A500 machine.

Respect on your decision as this is a MAYOR SLAP to the Amiga Community for complaining about everything new done for them even for free. There is no other Community like them out there ! The Amiga is dead, so everyone wants new hardware and when someone do, he is beaten up to death… This is the most sickening behavior I have ever seen in my entire life and I experienced the same, the reason why I am writing you. I mean..

You know how Amiga Dreams become true and they know how to destroy this Amiga dreams again.

I totally understand your decision, as I have to fight with this decision every day… if there would not be so much money involved.. but I have to fight day and night with the same crap and bullshit.

It is unbelievable what some guys in this Amiga Community destroy and think they are gods and know everything. And this doesn’t stop here, they still continue to blame you for everything, even for quitting. Take a look in attachment of the post from the big “Commodore Amiga” group on Facebook with their 14k members of the last few days… I will answer them later on. And did they ban you on eab, is that right ? For what for working for free and tell em the truth in their faces ? Well as you can see the Amiga Community is a very very complicated community and I have dozens of discussions over years back in time in respect of every phase 5 products. Back in time those discussions where made more over usenet and other forums but exactly the same and I as an employee was forbidden to answer those attacks. But gladly times have changed. Can show you my answers from Facebook.

So great work on your Terrible Fire 020/030 Cards. Maybe we can exchange some ideas later on this year when I want to release the Viper 530 II card. But first there is plenty of work to be done with the other cards.

I was thinking a moment that I should produce your cards, with your consent, to slap them again !

Sorry but I’m really furious about such disgusting behavior of some Amiga Community Members.

Best regards and save your valuable lifetime and health before getting all those comments to personal otherwise you will explode and as you said, this is something to relax and enjoy in your free time.

Have a nice weekend


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Founder, Chairman and CEO
phase 5 digital products UG

phase 5 digital products UG
Weißdornweg 10
61118 Bad Vilbel
Deutschland / Germany
Telefon: 06101 / 98 33 - 50
Phone: +49 / 6101 / 98 33 - 50
Internet: www.p-5.eu
E-Mail: info@p-5.eu
Steuer Nr. / Tax Nr.: 020 241 231 50
Umsatzsteuer Ident Nr. / VAT Nr.: DE306269805
Amtsgericht / District Court Frankfurt am Main - Made in Germany
Handelsregister Buch Nr. / Commercial Register Nr.: HRB105021
Umweltbundesamt Batteriegesetz Melderegister Nr.: UBA21006796
Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment 2012/19/EU
WEEE-Register-Nr. DE 84644246 Elektronikgerätegesetz
D-U-N-S® Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Nr.: 313707470
EORI ZOLL-Nr. / Customs Nr.: DE 403766047313997

Bestell HOTLINE 0800-0800 815

This E-mail may contain confidential information that must not be passed on to a third party or used for other than the intended purpose without the expressed written consent of phase 5 digital products UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

Diese Nachricht enthält möglicherweise vertrauliche Daten und darf weder an Dritte weitergegeben, noch für andereZwecke als den angegebenen verwendet werden, ohne dass eine ausdrückliche schriftliche Genehmigung seitens phase 5 digital products UG (haftungsbeschränkt) vorliegt.

--------------------[END OF MAIL]--------------------

These lines about confidentially only applies if a agreement between partners has been agreed up on so Cry all you want about this and fail more, and there is nothing in European LAw about this unlike American Law our Solicitor would like to inform you Salvador Fernandez Gomez!

This is also funny why is there a ordering hotline number ? :D Taking pre orders from unknowing poo r bastards for your Scam?

*NEWS* Saturday 20th April 2019 *TWEETS*

Someone special started early to celebrate 4 20 we think looking at these delusional post we will number them for ease....

00 2019 04 20tweetThe talk about this top/middle tweet we can clearly Debunk and put to a END immediately.

First of that €2400 was asking PRICE and it ended NOT SOLD! Seller has listed the item again at €2000 So do you home work Scamador and stop twatting shit posts please! so fallow links or look at images to show the price has dropped 1/6th which is equal to a drop of - 16.666% So value increased is not there.

Click: PHASE5 LINK with None sold price!
00 2019 04 20ebay1








ACS Home work and proof of Scamador hurting the Phase 5 name and decreasing old original Phase 5 Products, click: ACS LINK Item is relisted.
00 2019 04 20ebay2








This bottom Tweet is kinda epic and we will chalk it up to 4 20 and Scamador Fernandez Gomez started to celebrate early with the drugs. Also talking about the Phase 5 support page hosted at a1k.org and specially http://phase5.a1k.org whis hosts support drivers and manuals etc for old Phase 5 products.

Looking at the Meme which makes 0 sence as there is some ranting text and the labels makes 0 sense. Phase 5 to begin with seams that Salvador Fernandez Gomez identifies him self as a woman we think, then on top of that guy gaze at the tranny Phase 5 has a Amiga "humorous is Salvador is spanish and do not know the word means GirlFriend" And the man is holding hands with a clearly surprised woman, spouting delusional words. So we had to fix his image again.

SalvaMemeWell we could not fix it any way we tried to make it work, Scamador broke the meme with his incoherent ramblings. Well Enjoy!


*NEWS* Friday 19th April 2019 *TWEET UPDATE*

00 2019 04 19d

Hold the presses! "Time for Amiga Community to stand ip and support what you love !!!" That is exactly what we here at ACS are about!, we have a chat room in the dark-web where we discus our attacks and coordinated slander and counterfeiting and crimes against Phase 5 and it's only employee Salvador Fernandez Gomez, we are like the maffia you know sort of Amiga Crime Scene (tm) Salvador's horse mouth! No seriously we are here cause we love the Amiga and the community and we are here to defend it against criminals and exposing them!

so much else in this tweet that is wrong, first of all Scamador you have NO credibility, as you lie and scammed. You Salvador Fernandez Gomez are a CRIMINAL with FRAUDULENT INTENT and a long time TAX EVADER among your heinous crimes against society.

You lost, when you publicly started slandering the man who exposed your scam, things sort of hit the fan and people started questioning and you stopped answering and started to BLOCK and remove comments. There is a reason why your Facebook Phase 5 was removed, cause you went around like a dumb ass slandered people in public and thought you would get away with it. You should have said fine boards broken and given back money and taken the boards back and made it fair, and you could still have some credibility. But nope! Most of use remembers like Pepperidge farm! We have screen shots form your Facebook and it's more than well documented your crimes on Facebook. Running around saying your a Victim when you are the instigator with false claims and all is not getting you any where or doing you favors!

Stop being a clown no Scamador Fernandez Gomez and quit while you can! You should go to Saarbrûcken today or this weekend and bring a multimeter and the boards and you could hash things out there and loose Face and Money live! But If you can prove the GND layer is connected anywhere then we will close the ACS page, link the amigacrimescene.com domain to your Phase5 webpage! Or we will host a excuse to you personally Salvador Fernandez Gomez and your company Phase5 if you like?

 You have a excellent opportunity here as we have a lot of people from Sweden and around the world attending Revision and you can prove and save your face here publicly. <<Insert excuses from Scamador>> We thought so!

/Teddy of Freddy

*NEWS* Friday 19th April 2019 *TWEETS and RESPONSES*

We believe after Terrible Fire decided to show up the TF360 open source 68060 accelerator which is great news for the Amiga Community worthy of celebration. But some fuses bust have burnt in Scamador's head! Well more domain names pointing to his Phase 5 scam company has turned up, like he is showing he bought $1 domains and think that makes him more important. Well lets look at the Tweets and images and refute and debunk his mouth crap spinning on his keyboard!

Lets look at this gems...
00 2019 04 19aaChallenge to what so you can copyright strike more? You are a dunce and proven in live feeds you boards are not working also it's 2 years old and nothing been soldered on proving you have No Production :D

Chucky has shown the community beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no GND layer connected. Why you are so mad in the first reason as it proved you are a Scammer Salvador Fernandez Gomez. Why you have harassed and copyright striked him falsely and maliciously.

But please prove him wrong with a scamboard :D as several people have tried to find the GND. And you your self Salvador Fernandez Gomez has said you cant find it with simple instruments like amateur hobbyists have, that looks like a basic cheap digital multimeter LOL.

Lets look at the ORIGINAL and then we FIXED it for you (note the circles right bottom corner) click on the words for links. we are kinda proud of the FIXED one :D

Putting a "CE" marking on a product that has not gone trough a CE certification is highly illegal so you know master criminal and SCAMMER SALVADOR FERNANDEZ GOMEZ.

We will take any bet any day and WIN as we can prove they are broken! and we have VALIDITY unlike you Scamador Fernandez Gomez!

00 2019 04 19bDomain registered for your scampaign company with this crap name lol. No Production since OKTOBER 2015 explain that, showing 2 year old broken boards all you done, and crap renderings, cant you do better please Scamador? This picture and dream you have of doing something productive is not going to happen. Please do something else and leave the Amiga Scene alone! Phase 5 had it's glory before it went bankrupt in the 90's. No one will seriously buy your shitty products if you potentially make some ever. Get medical help please for your paranoid delusions!





00 2019 04 19cWell  They are PPC they are nice and got age, but possible and viable to use? There is not much support for PPC and limited user base for it. For speed and GFX you can get a Raspberry PI and Amibian and do it much faster and less heat and well you know. LEGENDS DO DIE! When you have a scammer talking about it and soiling the good name of Phase 5 what was left of it! Falsely claim you own any Copyright or IP is called FRAUDULENT etc. Thanks for murdering the scene with false claims and scamming the scene and putting up objects from eBay and even up on eBay for jacked up prices :D

Continue to be a problem and not a solution to the problem and Roberto Rogel and Stefan Egger will be your only friends assclown!


Another $1 domains wasted on your scam :D


Båtsman och Tjorven

*NEWS* Thursday 18th April 2019 *TWITTER'S FANMAIL and UPDATE LOGO*

00 2019 04 18bMust be so hard to fight all the copyright counterfeiters and problems with your mental health, as you had Since October 2015 to take your stolen GERBER files and send to CHINA for manufacturing, rather than slabb your Phase 5 shit and do a fake MK2 as nothing is changed but the masking and you managed to break the layers and there for GND layer had no connection in the batch form 2017 where you sold 2 board over priced and then did not declare them or leave recipe with VAT or anything, money straight to personal Bank Account.

Likely hood of you releasing anything this or the next coming years is slim to fucking NONE! As you have no capital no investors no nothing and you burnt your bridges in the Amiga Community so best of fucking luck Salvador Gomez CEO of Phase 5 fake company!

Or did you invite wireless ground with your Phase5 company ?

On wards to the next tweet.




00 2019 04 18Sorry we do not understand nor speak retard Salva what does you Twitter mean and why is there a Gavel, Some Military stock images (Do not think you paid for these stock images and usage did you?) Then repost of your mail with Twitter like they would do anything? We have not broken many laws unlike you have, Slander, Lies and Copyright striking us unlawfully. We do not slander, we speak the TRUTH and if you cant handle the TRUTH then you cant and should quit!

Also we can report 0 tweets been held back and then we got a surprise since we have some nice evidence against you and we got a lawyer writing up a draft for a cease and desist.

Well any how Happy Easter people and a FUCK YOU  Salvador Fernandez Gomez! Come at us and we will fucking bury you Maricon!







Thanks to master Counterfeiter UNKNOWN for contribution


Logo is changed a bit to look like original CLICK to get EPS for printing on shirts and flags and use for whatever reason it's for fair use and public usage, Thanks to the Author!.

/Rump Nisse

*FANMAIL* Tuesday 16th April 2019 *FANMAIL*

We got some FAN MAIL :D


Salvador Fernandez Gomez

*NEWS* Tuesday 16th April 2019 *NEWS*

ARGH! We are angry, Scamador is gloating and saying things are getting serious, as we wonder what about, we got slapped told to deal withe false strike with him, so we made a our second own avatar now and can even prove this one is 100% our own as the previous one as well and we are the Copyright holders :D We have reported to Twitter and his heinous crimes seams to get noticed and is keeping up a dialog and shown his previous crimes and reports to YouTube and such and told the store how he was ousted from Facebook! Salvador Fernandez Gomez is going get into trouble like the maricone he is. Anyways we have a hard time even bothering with the posts and screen shots as he is getting more and more delusional, check him out @phase5digitalpr on Twitter.


Please make Avatars for us to use within fair use and send them to amigacrime@gmail.com we will credit you if you like or you can gloat to your friends or whatever. Up to you

//ACS CEO and resident PHAKE5 No grounds for complaints (C) Holder Roberto Rogel

*NEWS* Monday 15th April 2019 *NEWS and Twitters*

As most people know, Game of Thrones Season 8 Started and a Sam has tugged on alone and left Frodo on the Throne the pass the stol of Scamador through the Ring of Rings and Debunk some more false claims :D

We woke up and where a bit baffled about Scamador tweets this morning. But challenge accepted and we will go here and debunk slander and help him fix his issues and explain to him where he is wrong, so please bare with us! Lets begin with the Twítter post he made.

00 2019 04 15 AWe do not want to speculate in what cause this post? No one has said such a thing would be impossible to begin with what we can find, just some comments about the lid being harder to close if at all possible when a socket and CPU would be mounted due to the height. also about the lid the cooling would be terrible. Not for a reason to sell own products just stating a simple facts.

Now to the fun part let start looking at this board we been gifted pictures of! But first lets talk about the tweet again cause i cant hold my thought straight.  Real manufacturers for real info. As Scamador aka. Salvador Fernandez Gomez and his €100 registered company anything and you will be greeted with a block, Second to be a Manufacturer you need to produce products and not soon (tm) since Oktober 2015. As you have no Copyright, IP or anything really it's hard right? Some stolen goods and IP you do have, but the pictures you so kindly provided proves this:D

just look on the image below and look at it and the points we make about this.

To prove this is a OLD stolen board from Phase 5 and used for testing CPU's most likely and test 72 Pin sim's. placing pins and a cpu on top and then solder the pins in not hard and there is no socket on the board has just PINS soldered in not to hard to do!

1. Look at the socket, scratches and wear to it from being manhandled
2. CPDL with stickers on for knowing what dev version, and all the yellow/brownish GUNK FLUX!
3. Horrific clean the FLUX or maybe you do not know how to clean it?!
4. Sim socket has a chip on it? Also what happened to your DDR4 technology for the A1260?
*EDIT* As  note you would need to trim the legs on the 060 CPU a bit to fit a SIM in those pins you call a socket. So CPU or Memory your choice :D

We toke our liberty to fix your Broken LOGO type to! We will let you use it as fair use Scamador. Also only Criminal we know of is you, for false copyright strikes, slander, defamation, tax fraud, theft and general scamming. We hope you will get a day in court soon for your crimes! Cretin!
00 2019 04 15 B

click to enlarge the image

*NEWS* Friday 12th April 2019 *REPORT*

We just feel obligated to report some things here about what to do when you have some money in your pocket and do not know what to do? Well you can invest it or you can invest it in a scam, like Salvador Fernandez Gomez. He has been involved in companies before that has been insolvent, we guess this is not his first rodeo scamming people for money.

Cause he likes top dig in public archives and draw conclusions we thought lets see what this site www.companyhouse.de can offer us?

https://www.companyhouse.de/Salvador-Fernandez-Bad-Nauheim (You can use Chrome built in function to translate the whole page to your desired language.)

Active companies


This pages tells us a story about a man that simultaneously registered 3 Companies fresh for the €100 bills from his scammer pockets. As it takes only €100 Euro to register a company and sharesholder(s). This means you are registering a company not a copyright like a name of a company nor products anything, that is a different story about Patents and Licenses etc. which Salvador has none of and do not need for his purpose of scamming. Also in February 2018 he finally registered Phase 5. He has used the company name long before that, just look at Instagram and Twitter October 2016 he registered them, even before he had the company using Facebook and causing problems and scamming and laying until Facebook ousted him!

To prove our point about this being a scam: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLht-4cjRKy/ Showing he has the schematics of the board, and has done nothing to produce any boards in anyway or form to the public, made a price list and charged people. Some people got money back after threatening him with harm. But most victims have given up and some have rolled over!

Also the Insolvent company is interesting as it's under investigation, probably by the german Tax man/woman revenue offices. Shows he is not serious with his companies for €100

Please if you consider buying hardware from Salvador Fernandez Gomez please consider all this information and other found on this page and draw your conclusion! There are other reliable actors and open solutions for accelerators, 030 and 060 and 040? as if you want a 040 when you can have 060. Happy beer time now it's weekend!


*NEWS* Thursday 11th April 2019 *TWEET AGAIN LOL*

00 2019 04 12Our resident village idiot and fool Scamador thinks again and makes conspiracy theories. Julian Assange the Australian Citizen who fled Sweden after allegedly raping 2 women, police wanting him for questioning and arrest , he fled to the UK and finally fled in to the Ecuadorian Embassy after there was a warrant issued for him with Interpol like a coward.

So this other criminal Swede you talk about Scamador is who? Please get medication and help and stop crying counterfeit as you do not even know what the word means.

Pathetic Salvador Fernandez Gomez you are trying to uphold your scam, If you ever material any goods under your Phase 5 where you have no copyright nor own the intellectual property, trying to sell it will be selling counterfeit gods and highly illegal. So make sure your papers are in order and under scrutiny as your taxes should be to we hope, we know least of 3 cases of selling gods without receipt and nothing specifying TAX and VAT etc. Wonder who is a criminal here? Also where is the goods for these products?











/Jonathan Lejonhjärta


*NEWS* Thursday 11th April 2019 *TWEET*

00 2019 04 11Sacamador where are you seeing these heinous crimes happening in the Europe? Who could afford to make Counterfeit goods in Europe with the wages here? It is awful if it was true there was Counterfeiting happening, but if you are referring to the Replacement (Reverse Engineered) Board for the Accelerators from Commodore and then various Motherboards? Or you talking about the new created 060 boards? That has been self developed from scratch using new technology and FPGA to handle the REAL 68060?

Then it's not in any way Counterfeit they are real and separate products and would be in competition with Phase 5 if there was any validity to the soon (tm) Phase 5 saying production is happening since Oktober 2015!

Just quit SCAMMING, as this all is just your scared of being in competition with you imaginary product vs. some REAL products that people can make or have some hobby enthusiast put together for a few beers. No one serious would pay your fantasy prices and the few poor souls who fallen for your scam you quickly have blocked, but we are in touch with them. We will never go away we will expose and DEBUNK you in every turn, we are MANY and you are ALONE with your Schizophrenic personalities and mental illness, we feel bad you do not get the help you need! We wish you well recovery and please do not come back to the Amiga Scene ever and stop crying and making false claims. If you do ever use your stolen IP and make some product that works and to a fair price we will be sure to make sure your Copyright you do not have and such things will be questioned, as what you will make is COUNTERFEITS, but who is counting right :D

0000 scamadorebelieves

Thanks to ACS Meme division for making this Counterfeit image!

/Jocke med Kniven och Kapten Blodsvält!

*NEWS* Tuesday 9th April 2019 *GOOD NEWS UPDATE*

Counterfeiter MASTER Chucky is showing off his latest Reverse Engineering. ReAmiga3000D the Amiga 3000D motherboard, for all thous Amiga 3000D that suffers from bad caps and mainly the Battery corroding and destroying the motherboard making it useless causing load of time in repairs and work :( .But thanks to John for all his hard and tireless work we can now breath life in to so many more old Amiga 3000D's that has just been collecting dust, and will now live again thanks to him! If you ever meet John make sure to buy him a beer and chat with him!

He has done so much for free for the community in a true Amiga Community spirit to keep it alive, Anyone will be able to download the schematics once the test phase (there are 5 of them we estimate phases, including checking the GND points.) is done, you can then have your own boards produced. Also if you have missed it the Amiga A1200 has a ReAmiga1200 board which you can use to replace your A1200 board with, if it has damages from those leaked caps or some other reason damaged to the motherboard.

RE A3000

Obviously not STOLEN or COUNTERFEIT it's REVERSE ENGINEERED! also stated on it!
Quite obvious it's not a original none the less it something compared to nothing right Scamador where is your products ?

No violations against copyright has been done or infringed on anyone's intellectual property! This is made as a enthusiast and hobby project and improved and shared for free with the public Amiga Community! please read more about Reverse Engineering at the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_engineering to understand what i means.

** To counterfeit means to imitate something authentic, with the intent to steal, destroy, or replace the original, for use in illegal transactions, or otherwise to deceive individuals into believing that the fake is of equal or greater value than the real thing. Counterfeit products are fakes or unauthorized replicas of the real product. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. ** 

Source is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counterfeit please do read and try to comprehend what the word means also look up this: Salvador click on name to see what we talk about!

/Birk och Bork


*NEWS* Monday 8th April 2019 *Twitter*

00 2019 04 08Yet another shit tweet we feel obligated to reply to!

Nothing is invading there is a market and you are not a part of it with your fake company without copyright nor stolen IP as you have no production Scamador, we proven you being the BLACK MARKET COUNTERFEIT BUSINESS. also the one crying about HARDWARE PIRACY!

What are you going to report? LOL that you are a FRAUD and proven over and over again, If people develop their own Replacement boards (Not illegal in anyway or infringing.) or make new A 1260 board for the A1200 or make Accelerators for the other Commodore Amiga lines that is illegal?

Can you please stop shit posting like this everyday mkay? 2 Cases in Sweden Germany an dyou post a video about America and as far there is no American law in EU, you are confused and of your Medication, see help before they will lock you up!

Now PISS OFF you daft cunt Scamador!! All your false allegations and stuff is going to be the end of you and how you are acting no one would in their right mind buy a product from you or the cohorts you associate with, the outcast of the Amiga Scene! Roberto and Stefan can come visit you in the looney bin. Now some morning coffee and scratch the old bells and do other things!

/Rasmus på Korståg

*NEWS* Sunday 7th April 2019 *FLASH*

It has come to our attention through a anonymous source, we have decided to share this that Salvador Fernandez Gomez steals site layouts aka. Templates and uses for his fake businesses! This is a prime example pf what he claims Phase5 and other businesses he has to deal with as he says COUNTERFEIT and COPYRIGHT and PIRACY so on. What you think about this? Stealing a site and not given credit even at all? These Templates are never free to use for businesses.

000 TheftATUG

000 TheftATUGproof









click on images to enlarge the proof! As we bet Scamadore will remove it and change it.

 Here we share the original Links to the sites as well:
http://www.amigatech.de/ <- Scamadore (Salvador Fernandez Gomez) fake company Amiga Technologies UG *STOLEN TEMPLATE COUNTERFEIT PIRACY*
https://www.ulyssesroom.com/template-ideas/001-dreamweaver-template1-template-ideas-free-dreamweaver/ <- Original creators web site and template that was robbed by the perpetrator Salvador for his fake business to copyright strike people to try make it look legit!

Salvador we urge you to explain this matter as soon as possible or we will report this further to your Hosting company, ISP and Authorities in Germany! Thanks for beign a low life and being proven wrong in every way!

/Kling och Klang

*NEWS* Saturday 6th April 2019 *Twitter*
00 2019 04 07

Dear Twitter reader i am Scamadore and i am desperate!


You like to copyright strike like a idiot cause of a broken system with false claims, as you do not OWN copyright nor the IP Salvador Fernandez Gomez! Only thing we do is report on the truth and fact and evidence we got against you! You like to copyright strike CHUCKY, just cause YouTube has a broken system, and people actually like his video and Replica boards he has made to save them from buying old refurbished/potential crap.

Also what is Counterfeit? Please explain that? :D You are SCAMMER Salvador aka. Scamadore! Also Slandering and making false claims is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE! Only party to report has been you Scamadore!

Now please go back on your medication and your mental health is clearly not good atm. Leave the Amiga scene alone and do not come back please, no one will buy Phase 5 Scam Products and we wait for the weak to come and then you will cry like a bitch Salvador Fernandez Gomez! Only person being Relentless is you and your pursuit of the person who found out you where a scammer and PROVED IT beyond a shadow of a doubt that you where selling, blank boards that where broken and proven broken, sold without a VAT Receipt, nor using a company account but personal account for payment. well lets get to teh GDPR as well you are obligated to fallow of you have a real company Scamadore, which we all know you do not have the Copyright nor the IP or anything also registering a €100 company names does not make them legit.

PS! also the images and links shows nothing to as who is owning or had the account you managed to copyright strike cause broken YouTube. Talk about using exploits and committing crimes here ehh ;-) We will debunk and set the record straight every time you make a false claim or statement!

/Emil i Göteborg

*NEWS* Saturday 6th April 2019 *Twitter*

00 2019 04 06Scamador is not even trying any more, He is just rehashing old rendering and images and playing in Photoshop or is it gimp we do not know or care. 

Just sicken Us honest upstanding citizens! That this lowlife do not get it he is made a fool and joke and stop and leave!

Quick breakdown of the post:
Blah boards have these CPU's as configs 040 and 060 no more or less and 60 and 75MHz would be Overclocked as well.

"for best prices" IF a board would magically be produced, there would be a good mark up on it to eBay prices, and the highest asking ones to least.

"Discover soon BLAH BLAH" Old Phase 5 had some awards and sthigns, YOU DO NOT, as you do not even own the IP or the COPYRIGHT for the name Phase 5 Salvador Fernandez Gomez.

Please stop scamming and go back to your moms basement and live in a fantasy and how great the 90's where.

Amiga Community will never buy or support your product or scam!

/Krössa Maja

 *NEWS* Friday 5th April 2019 *Twitter Update 2*

00 2019 04 05b

What Legal accelerator? are you talking about the Warp 1260? Apollo 1260 and other nice 060 and coming better solutions that is more well developed and suited for the modern age?

About the software and drivers yes we agree they where well coded and done, also works nice for example with Chyck's update A3640 board called A3660 which is a nice replacement board. We soldered one together and are running it stable as ever.

But as we know you cant code basic if your life depended on it Salvador Fernandez Gomez as all you got is stolen code potentially that came with the other IP you have stolen from DCE :O Phase 5 went bankrupt and DCE bought Phase5 and well you do not own anything, do not even have the copyright for the name Phase 5 still.

Also when will the release date be? We Recon Q3 2019 now or? GL scamming people we will be watching you Salvador Ferandez Gomez

Thanks for a second Twitter shit post in 1 day.


/ Herr Nilsson

 *NEWS* Friday 5th April 2019 *Twitter Update*

00 2019 04 05We can read the internet our self's and we do not care about your shit posts about Amiga games, Please Salvador common where is the Production where is the promised products for Q1 and previous set self imposed deadlines? Just admin that you failed and no one believes you and your scam! We are seriously going to debunk and redicule you in any way and form we can until you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt you are not a scammer, give people the money back and GDPR are fallowed and VAT tax exempted receipt are given to customers and such.

Show us a serious company people can trust and not someone breaking layers and making upp allegations and shit with stolen IP, showing a few sockets and old prototype cards and things does not make a board or product.

Just admit defeat and then crawl under a rock and leave the Amiga Scene alone and do not come back!


/Krössa Maja


*NEWS* Thursday 4th April 2019 *Twitter Update*

We have today decided to venture out and Twitter and plan a overhaul of the site to make it more friendly and retro oriented a bit and we will be more active and talk to people and easier get news and receive tips about some Retro News and even Scammers!

Please join and fallow us twitter!

Twitter: @AmigaCrime

/Kalle på snippen

*NEWS* Thursday 4th April 2019 *MAD RAVING*

00 2019 04 04 TweetCP

Lets see, DEBUNK TIME! Just a person with constructive thoughts about this, The Commodore brand died out some time in 1993 and then final nail was when Petro's Amiga Technologies dies and well after that nothing has happened in the Commodore market as to ORIGINAL Commodore parts.

Old boards has rotten and died there for using original parts to make them alive again, mainly due to battery and capacitor leakage. With no new boards and REPLACEMENT parts, you are forced to make your own much like a vintage car enthusiasts are doing, often in much better quality than the original parts. To maintain and keep the old hardware alive and show the spirit of the Amiga is alive to people.

Not like how this ONE MAN show of Scampaign manager Salvador Fernandez Gomez with is FAKE registered companies and 0 Production 0 goods 0 support 0 availability and 0 IP's everything a serious business should have. Making claims that he and people are loosing money and worst part mixing it up with collectors, the value of the collection in a working order is higher than a broken most of 99.99% would agree to.

Googling and finding a clip from 6 years ago, about COUNTERFEIT electronics and linking it with todays Amiga market and how it works? Difference is selling fake apple goods and chargers/cables even for Android phones that are not safe for a cheap price. They say in the end "It's best to shop at reputable stores and known brand names" and that is sad that Phase 5 is dead, the one man show destroying the name and soiling it Salvador Fernandez Gomez has done a great job in doing so, Banned from Facebook, Friends Copyright striking his fake video's on YouTube etc. People in the Amiga Community all knowing that Phase 5 today is a SCAM BRAND from Salvador Fernandez Gomez. So this video applies for you more than anything! SEE VIDEO HERE!

Just blows us away here at the ACS HQ. We are baffled how bad it must be without medication, clearly there is not much than some weird remnant thoughts of being a errand boy at Phase 5 between Salvador's ears how great it was. But now he has some stolen IP's and old hardware and successfully scammed some people to pay for boards not received. But getting debunked at every corner and getting totally frustrated he is resorted to do false copyright strikes on YouTube and then whine and complain on Twitter as a 5 year old.

We know you got some issues, you had the chance of repairing the Damage your did when you sold the fake boards to Chucky, and repent and say we where wrong! But instead you attack and slander and commit crimes and act like a utter cretin. But as we cant understand how complicated the boards are GROUND work, we have deduced it down looking at the Prototype board of the B2060 pictures that Phake5 has invented some GROUNDBREAKING technology that is proprietary of Phake5 which must be WIRELESS GROUND, and the wires are antennas of sorts for the WiFiGND (c) Phase 5.

What people in the Amiga community are doing with the REPLACEMENT boards for the A1200 A4000 (+ Daughterboard) and soon A3000D and even remade new boards like the AMYITX etc. and replacement A3660 for the most broken A3640's as they are rotten from the caps and why 060 you ask cause 060 are easy to upgrade to while at it, keeping the Amiga scene alive not claiming in any way or form the boards and pieces are Original, They are fan based and shared for free schematics to produce your own boards to a fair and decent price. As you clearly have 0 product and production and nothing going on besides a mouth Salvador Fernandez Gomez just please leave and do not come back to the Amiga scene, take Stefan and Roberto with you as we do not need My Style or Finest Computers or your shit! Trying to make a buck and soil the scene is all you three do!

We leave you with these comment we found Salvador Fernandez Gomez!
00 DHA3000

*NOTE* We are in no way or form affiliated with John 'Chucky' Hertell or Dave Haynie *NOTE*


*NEWS* Wednesday 3rd April 2019 *EXCITEMENT!

Boy do we got a lots of fun here :D Salvador is making wild accusations again yet again talking out of his asshole and spewing more and more hate and excrement from his deluded mind! Lets all for one go through his tweets for shits and giggles and debunk them and show why he SALVADOR FERNANDEZ GOMEZ is a MORON and stupidest MARICON there is!

You can read them here originally and see larger images, TWITTER

00 2019 04 03 01Lets begin with this nice Tweet he shat out from his deluded mind! There are a lot of rulings for the address. Some might be multiple for one person, and some might be simple as paternity cases, other might be litigation for a some divorce or testimony disagreement. Some people might have had issues with some slandering them on the internet and sued them and won a case against the plaintiff, then you get a hit in there in Lexbase it's cause a person has been involved in a CASE, even as a Witness. All kinds of reason why the courts been involved, note all those hits are for CRIMINAL RECORDS like trying to point out! It can be as a simple case of a parking ticket that they has been disputed. Any thing else you want to be made clear Salvador Fernandez Gomez? Learn to read and comprehend before you cast accusations and talk!



00 2019 04 03 02

Useless shit post and scan of a old paper and more empty promises since October 2015 nothing real has materialized almost, hand full of fake 1260 BPPC 2 boards with broken ground plane. Sold for profit without taxes or a VAT specified receipt and on top of that fallowed up on GDPR requests. Also limited printed shit paper with words only in German helps sell it does it not? what is BACK Exactly?

00 2019 04 03 03Dear lord, re posted from old Facebook shit where you ended up getting banned form somehow? A almost 30 year old Prototype card and generic socket for the 040 pictures. No development in the last 16 months and we can prove it :D PROOF (Site is NSFW) There is a old Facebook post that is DEBUNKED there you can skip the text and compare images at the bottom if you like.

There is a 0 progress made to the development since the PCB that where made 2017 for the fake BPPC2 boards with no ground plane connections. All Salvador Fernando Gomez does is trolls the internet for Amiga and mess with people and sell products that are not available accepting money for gods he cant Deliver! The PRICES he will unveil soon you should see how SALTED they will be as he goes for eBay highest asking prices as he thinks old HW and techniques are worth it.

There are some real good progress on new A1200 Boards and then other Amiga models are getting plenty of love to even some are in FGPA it's nothing to spit at. Available affordable and well working and community supported.

//Konstapel Kling och Klang