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Saturday 1st of December 2018

Salvador has been found doing some really shady deals and promises and not delivered, lately he has been throwing around promises and claims on his web-page and twitter and even YouTube which he has moderated and censored. As he has been going personally after Chucky from The Gang for reverse engineering  old Commodore Amiga board for the public to be able to repair and restore old dead computers.

Latest in his campaign of miss deeds against the public and scamming he has tried to have for example Chucky banned and reported him falsely for various reasons on sites like YouTube and Facebook and such! Pre-sold boards and after 22 months had to repay the customers as nothing materialized to them and we are talking about no small sums either €1500 for 1 BOARD!

We guess poking the bear leads to this: Read more HERE! Christmas come early already on 1st of December sort of :D

011218jhupdateAlso here is a mirror of the zip file for the sprint document: DOWNLOAD!

Enjoy and thanks to the Amiga Crime Scene and public for making such a great community!