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*NEWS UPDATE* 15th January 2019 * Question to Phase 5 and it's CEO *

00 2019 2018lies

Expected in 1st Quarter 2018

Salvador Fernandez Gomez can we ask you to please explain your gran plan a bit more?

We are still waiting for promised products and news and all that from your Phase5 imaginary castle.  We even got you to say you where expecting to deliver around Q1 2018 and then you push these self imposed deadlines as you can not deliver? Is the online harassment that ongoing 24/7 you can not log out for a few mins and send in the files make some boards and then have them soldered? You have no development costs no nothing just sheer laziness and assholery from your side!

Here we got some proof further Salvador Fernandez Gomez word is not worth anything!

We will gladly have a dialogue with you if you ever are ready to talk: amigacrime@gmail.com

Also please send in meme's and other funny images and re-imagined cover-art posters etc.






00 Salvador Looking Fanmail03
Thanks M* for the mail, sender also asked to add this URL to the image: http://phake5.eu


*NEWS* 14th January 2019 * YouTube and FANMAILS :D *

Well all our friend Salvador Fernandez Gomez can do is play with the YouTube broken bot system with copyright strikes, as he is a pity asshole and nothing else. He has managed to copyright strike Chucky and his R1200 Video's and act like a bloody twat, making the best he can to destroy the good in the Amiga scene he can! Really is not much more to say than he is daft wee cunt!

Here we go with the fan mail bag :D The image and the tips about that Salvador Fernando Gomez is doing his best to destroy the community comes from: CantWait4Amiga34

00 CHUCKYCUT001Next one is from: Anonymous contributor!


*NEWS* 11th January 2019 * More FANMAIL :D *

Thanks to the same artist as the previous nice re-rendering of DOTC :D please people make more and other covers and re-imaginations of games covers! Not only Amiga necessary we will publish all, just mail them to: amigacrime@gmail.com
000 fanmail02

*NEWS* 10th January 2019 *LOVERS QUARREL? and FANMAIL

00 20190110 YT

Lovers quarrel or what's going on? Why is Roberto Rogel (c) striking Salvador Fernandez Gomez for? What has he done to anger the wrath of the self righteous FinestComputers Museum Curator? One can but wonder what going on there! Will we get a Twitter explanation (Wall of tweets) to this soon? Will Twitter be Salvador Fernandez Gomez only outlet to the world for his scam! Phase 5 Digital Productions about to die? So many questions unanswered, but the biggest is where is the PRODUCTS?






Also we received some worthy fan mail :D

000 fanmail01

You did not get this from me. Well you do not know who me is.........

But I have to agree with *** that Rogel has more to do with the shit stirring/reporting of things that duckface does **** ***** thinks.
Anyway no credit necessary.

Signed anonymously a fan.


Thanks Anonymously gave us a good laugh the cats at the office where looking at us like we where LOCO!, we toke the liberty publish the nice worded mail, and changed some grammar on purpose to further protect you. Keep up the good work and please do more :D

We encourage more fan mail and art being sent :D Even by other people, so please mail us: amigacrime@gmail.com





*NEWS* 9th January 2019 *DEBUNK AND PROVEN FAKE*

00 20190109 twitterYet another empty promises and bullshit post from the Salvador Fernandez Gomez scammer!

Using old stock photos or then faking new photos with old stock, as you can see the image the board is a old DCE produced board and then the Accelerator card has the 1997 in the pictures if you bother to zoom!

Typical tactics of a scammer to try to win the public over! 2019 has just started and this clown has not given up!


If you doubt us you can check the twitter post images https://twitter.com/phase5digitalpr, or then you can look at them down here below and click on the thumb nails!

 When will you learn your word is MUD! Not worth anything, you shown 0 proof of production or anything! Thank thou 2019 is in motion and Q1 soon passed and you failed another self imposed deadline!

 Also you have permission from DCE ot use their hardware and slab your scam (c) image above their products?

//Girl with the dragon tattoo exposing scammers 2019   

00 201901 img1

00 201901 img2

00 201901 img3

00 201901 img4






Happy New Year Scammers and Scum!00 HappyNewYear


*NEWS* 1st January 2019 *HAPPY NEW YEAR* *Redaction*

10550815 10152322263740983 1492521148687148068 n lowrezWe will continue to expose scams and we are here by presenting the biggest supporter of your Scam Salvador Fernandez Gomez! Mister Roberto Rogel aka. Mr Lopez or Roberto Rogel Lopez ala. Defender of the Clown! He has some explaining to do! We got one and we will keep it under consideration!

We received a lot of data and accusations and other stuff! But for starter his real name Roberto Rogel Lopez not as he often misses the lastname bit! But we chosen to redact things for now.

If anyone got some information further more about this clown: amigacrime@gmail.com

Thanks for your tweets Salvador Fernadez Gomez!